Chad: Idriss Déby Itno will be elevated to the rank of marshal

On the 60th anniversary of Chad’s independence, Head of State Idriss Déby Itno will be elevated to the rank of marshal, the last level of the military hierarchy, during a special ceremony at the National Assembly. This honorary title was awarded to the Chadian Head of State last June by members of the National Assembly. This did not take long to create controversy.

For the opponent Saleh Kebzabo, President of the National Union for Democracy and Renewal, it is unacceptable to hold this ceremony on the same day as the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the country’s independence.
“It is a national crime to coincide this event with the anniversary of our independence. The mode of operation that we know will make sure that each year, we will rather privilege the Marshalate and thus we will relegate August 11, 1960 to the Greek Calends. This is irresponsible and no one can accept it. »
The Chadian Head of State was raised to the rank of marshal by the deputies of the majority and those of part of the opposition. Maitre Jean-Bernard Padaré, spokesman for the MPS (Patriotic Movement for Salvation), the ruling party believes it is only natural that the president should be honored on Independence Day.

“The deputies, elected by the people, look back on what has been accomplished in 60 years and have identified one of the country’s children who has devoted most of his time to defending the integrity of Chad and the security of our citizens, so they decided to raise him to the dignity of a marshal on the day of our country’s 60th anniversary. It is symbolic, to tell him: “We are proud of your commitment to ensure the integrity of our territory and the defense of our fellow citizens”. »
Because of the Covid crisis, the Chadian authorities decided not to organize the traditional popular parade, but only a symbolic seizure of arms.

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