Sudan has finally a new government

After months of negotiations, Sudan has a new government that includes ministers from the various armed groups, including Darfur. A peace agreement was signed last October between the transitional government – which succeeded Omar al-Bashir – and the Sudanese Revolutionary Front, a coalition of five rebel groups and four political movements for an inclusive government. The announcement of this government was made on Monday evening by Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok.
The announcement of this government was made in the evening yesterday Monday by Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok. Seven members of the armed groups are thus entering this new government. Among them, Djibril Ibrahim a former rebel leader of the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), present in Darfur – who becomes Minister of Finance.
In total, the new government includes 25 ministries, whose members are former rebel leaders, military personnel and members of the opposition under Omar al-Bashir.
Another well-known figure in this executive is Maryam al-Mahdi, daughter of the last democratically elected Prime Minister of Sudan, Sadeq al-Mahdi, who was overthrown by the coup d’├ętat in Bashir in 1989 and died last November. She was awarded the portfolio of Foreign Affairs.
Two ministers come from the army and the other 17 from the Forces for Freedom and Change, the driving force behind the popular movement that brought down Omar al-Bashir.
Only the post of Minister of Education has not yet been filled and requires further consultation.
This is an important step in the implementation of the peace agreement signed with the armed groups last October … and the next step is the establishment of a transitional parliament by February 25.