Central African Republic: François Bozizé is the coordinator of the CPC according to a document

In the Central African Republic, the army continues its advance on the territory against the Coalition of Patriots for Change with the support of bilateral Russian and Rwandan forces. Born on December 15, we are beginning to get to know this CPC a little better. RFI has been able to consult documents that confirm that François Bozizé recently agreed to become its coordinator.
It is three months after its creation, on February 15, that the CPC launched its “Kamba Kota Appeal”. In this document, the six armed groups, the majority of which have confirmed the authenticity of the document, emphasize their “identity of view” with the former president and ask François Bozizé to become the general coordinator of the CPC under unified command.
While the response to the Appeal has not been made public, several armed groups and relatives of François Bozizé claim that the former president responded positively to the request.
Five days after this appeal, on February 20, François Bozizé signed a note on behalf of the CPC with the title of General Coordinator. In the entourage of the former president, it is affirmed that this note is for acceptance and therefore does not require a direct response. While the authorities have been denouncing the role of François Bozizé in this armed coalition for weeks, at the beginning of February the KNK still denied the authorship of the movement.

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