DRC: Kalev Mutondo, former intelligence chief called to surrender

Alain Atundu, the last head of intelligence under Mobutu Sese Seko, has fired two arrows. The first is aimed at the Congolese state, which is prosecuting Kalev Mutondo, the former director general of the dreaded national intelligence agency (ANR). He is accused by former detainees of torture, arbitrary detention, inhuman treatment and attempted murder. The second arrow is aimed at Mutondo himself. The former strongman under Joseph Kabila has not been found since the Kinshasa-Gombe public prosecutor’s office issued a wanted notice.
“I am making a reflection based on my personal experience. “Alain Atundu Liongo has remained loyal to former President Joseph Kabila, as has Kalev Mutondo, who is now wanted for refusing to answer two summonses from the public prosecutor’s office at the Kinshasa-Gombe court of appeal. An attitude that the former head of the National Intelligence and Protection Service (SNIP) does not approve of at all.
A politician should not fear prison,” said Alain Atundu Liongo. You cannot defy the state. You have to be republican because when you are arrested, you are perhaps better protected than when you are on the run. ”
He also does not support the prosecution of Kalev Mutondo: “What Kalev is accused of must be proven. It is not enough that someone who takes advantage of his notoriety in the current government can take revenge. This requires fair treatment. Mr. Kalev has served more than ten years. We certainly owe him peace. The function of the deputy head is a daily manipulation of state secrets. We must protect people who navigate between legality and illegality for the public interest. ”
According to this figure of the Kabila camp, “it is illusory to believe” that the personalities who have piloted key services of the State, are “simple citizens”. He asked the current government not to govern “under pressure from the street and media tyranny.
The lawyers of the man whom the prosecutor’s office considers a fugitive have already applied to the country’s judicial authorities to request the cancellation of the search notice. And his family says they fear for Kalev Mutondo’s life.”

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