US Secretary of State Highlights Moroccan King’s ‘Far-Reaching’ Reforms

U.S. Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken has highlighted the “far-reaching” reforms undertaken in Morocco under the leadership of  King Mohammed VI.

This came during a phone talk the US official had Friday with Moroccan Foreign Affairs Minister Nasser Bourita.


“The Secretary and the Minister (Bourita) discussed King Mohammed VI’s far-reaching reforms over the past two decades, and the Secretary encouraged Morocco to continue implementing these reforms,” the U.S. State Department said in a statement.


Blinken commended the King’s “leadership” in combating climate change and investing in renewable energy and encouraged Morocco to “help promote green economic growth and development in Africa.”


The two parties discussed “opportunities to increase cooperation in Africa to promote economic prosperity and stability and the Secretary highlighted Morocco’s key role in fostering stability in the Sahel and Libya.”


The U.S. Secretary of State noted, on this occasion, “the longstanding and mutually beneficial bilateral relationship founded on shared values and interests in regional peace, security, and prosperity.”


In that regard, he “welcomed Morocco’s steps to improve relations with Israel and noted the Morocco-Israel relationship will bring long-term benefits for both countries.”


The two officials noted that this year marks the two hundredth anniversary of the gift of the American Legation building in Tangier to the American people by Sultan Moulay Suliman, an example of the longstanding strategic partnership that both countries plan to showcase throughout the year, the statement concluded.

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