Morocco tells Spain it takes note of its “premediated act” to allow in the polisario militias leader

Morocco has firmly responded to Spain’s decision to host the Polisario leader, saying it takes note of the move as “a premeditated act”, a “voluntary choice” and a “deplorable situation”.


In a strongly worded statement released this Saturday, the Foreign Ministry said that the decision of the Spanish authorities not to notify their Moroccan counterparts of the arrival of the leader of the polisario militias is not a mere omission. It is “a premeditated act, a voluntary choice and a sovereign decision” made by Spain, which was co-conspirator in identity theft and falsification of passports, intended to voluntarily circumvent the law.


Morocco takes full note of the move and will draw all the consequences from that, the statement said.


“Since Spain has received on its territory the leader of the polisario militias, who is accused of war crimes and serious human rights violations, Spanish officials have made many statements in an attempt to justify this serious act, which is contrary to the spirit of partnership and neighborliness,” the ministry pointed out, noting that the invocation of humanitarian considerations cannot justify this negative attitude.


“Humanitarian considerations do not justify the manoeuvres behind the backs of a partner and a neighbor. Humanitarian considerations cannot be a panacea that is given selectively to the leader of militias, at a time when thousands of people live in inhumane conditions in the Tindouf camps,” the ministry pointed out, underlining that humanitarian considerations could not, either, explain the inaction of the Spanish justice, while documented complaints are properly in the hands of this justice.


“Law enforcement and the preservation of victims’ rights cannot be a case of double standards,” it noted.


Humanitarian considerations do not explain, moreover, that one is accomplice in identity theft and falsification of passports, intended to voluntarily circumvent the law, the statement said.


“Finally, humanitarian considerations cannot negate the legitimate claims of victims of rape, torture and massive human rights violations committed by the leader of the polisario militias,” the ministry stated further.


“The attitude of some government officials, prejudging the Moroccan reaction and minimizing the impact, however serious on the relationship, could not obscure this deplorable situation.”


Preserving bilateral partnership is a shared responsibility, which is nourished by a permanent commitment to showing mutual trust, maintaining fruitful cooperation and safeguarding the strategic interests of the two countries, the ministry said.


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