Alleged Chadian army crimes on the desk of the new ICC prosecutor

As soon as he takes office, Karim Khan, the new prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, will find on his desk a request for an investigation concerning Chad.
The case concerns war crimes and crimes against humanity allegedly committed over the past year by the Chadian national army against the rebellion, but also against the civilian population since the Transitional Military Council (TMC) took power.
Four human rights organizations, including two Chadian organizations, the LTDH and the CTDDH, have already submitted a file to the ICC last month. Their lawyer, Philippe Larochelle, hopes that this reminder addressed to Karim Khan will allow for the rapid protection of witnesses.
The war crimes that were already committed in the context of clashes with Boko Haram or with the forces of the Fact, are now being committed against the civilian population itself. We believe that the Prosecutor is in a position right now to request protective measures for the victims and witnesses whose identities we intend to provide to him […] We already have charts with hundreds of victims to provide to the Prosecutor. Our request is based on extensive evidence […]

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