Guinean junta accuses political parties of seeking to disrupt public order

The military in power in Guinea since September 5 accused parties and activists on Thursday of actions aimed at “disturbing public order and social peace” in the West African country.
The National Rally Committee for Development (CNRD), said in a statement read on State television that the aim was to “undermine the peace and quiet of Guineans and damage the ongoing peaceful transition”.
Without giving further details on the identity of the parties and activists it accuses, the CNRD warns those who refuse to join the “consensual dialogue” approach and assures that it will take “all regalian measures to ensure their security”.
This warning comes after a press conference by leaders of the Rassemblement du Peuple de Guinée (RPG), the party of deposed President Alpha Condé.
During the meeting with journalists, former National Assembly President and RPG leader Amadou Damaro Camara called on the CNRD to release 83-year-old Alpha Conde, who has been under house arrest since he was overthrown.
The former Special Forces commander, Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, who overthrew former President Conde on September 5 and became transitional president, has promised to “rebuild” the Guinean state and fight corruption.
He assured that there would be no “witch hunt”. As soon as he took power, the junta dissolved the government and institutions and replaced ministers, governors and prefects with administrators and soldiers.
Colonel Doumbouya promised to bring Guineans together across political and ethnic lines and to re-establish civilian rule after an indefinite transition period.

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