Kinshasa and Ankara sign seven cooperation agreements

Seven bilateral cooperation agreements have been signed between the Democratic Republic of Congo and Turkey in the security and economic fields at the end of a brief visit of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the DRC, official sources said on Monday.
“We mutually reaffirmed our will to develop bilateral cooperation” and in total, “seven agreements were signed between Turkey and the Democratic Republic of Congo”, President Erdogan said on Twitter.
A military framework agreement, a protocol on financial aid and a cooperation agreement on the defense industry have been concluded, said Congolese sources.
The other memoranda of understanding concern the construction of the Kinshasa Finance Center, infrastructure and river transport on the Congo River and its tributaries and finally the construction of 1,083 km of highway and a railway line.
On Monday, the Congolese Minister of Urbanism and a Turkish official launched the works of the “Kinshasa Finance Centre” which will house the Ministry of Finance and its various departments, in a concession located not far from the Turkish school, in the business commune of Gombe (north).

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