Burkina Faso: Paul-Henri Damiba calls for a general audit of the administration

Lieutenant Colonel Paul-Henri Damiba has just been sworn in as president of the transitional government and is calling for a general audit of the public administration. These controls will concern public contracts, the acquisition of goods and services and public works.
During his swearing-in ceremony on February 16, he promised to give a new dynamic to the fight against corruption. President Paul-Henri Damiba has asked the comptroller general to investigate the management of state-owned companies, public establishments and similar institutions, with the aim of detecting possible financial fraud. The focus will be on contracts and public works, acquisitions of goods, mission expenses, travel, fuel and donations.
“These operations are in the spirit of what President Paul-Henri Damiba had announced, that is, to clean up the public administration and make it more ethical,” said a source close to the Patriotic Movement for Safeguarding and Restoration.
Since Monday, control agents have been visiting workers in several public services. “They came around 7am and stayed until 8:30am,” said a worker from the Ministry of Industrial Development and Trade. It was for these controllers to check the punctuality and the effective presence of agents at their posts. “All agents who came to the service beyond 8:30 were considered absent,” said the official.

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