Mali begins to withdraw its soldiers from the G5 Sahel

Bamako announced on 15 May that it was withdrawing from the G5 Sahel after noting that the rotating presidency of the organization, to which it was entitled in principle, was not in fact granted.
The G5 is both a political and military coalition that includes Chad, Niger, Burkina Faso, Mauritania and Mali, and one of its main objectives is the fight against terrorism. Chad had tried to save the G5, asking Mali to reconsider its decision and working to find a way out of the crisis. But the Malian authorities have not changed their position: they have even given instructions for the disengagement of Malian soldiers assigned to the G5 joint force in the next few days.
It was the Malian Chief of Staff who gave the order on Tuesday 14 June. In a document classified as confidential, which has opportunely leaked, General Oumar Diarra puts an end to the commitment of Malian soldiers assigned to the G5 command post in Bamako, to the western spindle in Nema in Mauritania, and to the central spindle in Niamey in Niger. In total, nearly 1,400 men, out of the 5,000 that make up the joint G5 force.
Arrangements have also been made for the repatriation of Malian soldiers stationed in neighboring countries. As for those based in Bamako, they will be reassigned to their home services as of 1 July, in a fortnight’ time.

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