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Mali: Many army officers appointed governors of Malian regions

As a result of the new regional division, the number of Malian regions increases from 15 to 20. On this occasion, 13 soldiers close to Assimi Goïta, the vice-president in charge of defense and security issues and strong man of the junta, were appointed instead of civilians to lead most of the regions. Until then, […]

Mali following with concern latest developments in Guerguarat

Mali is following with concern the latest developments of the situation in the area of Guerguarat, said the Malian Foreign Ministry in a statement. The ministry which urged the parties to resume negotiations, welcomed “the efforts of the countries of the region, the African Union and those of the United Nations Secretary-General to encourage the […]

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Mali: The assassination of the imam of N’Débougou aroused strong tensions

The situation is very tense in the cercle de Niono, in the Segou region in the center of the country. While the siege of the village of Farabougou by jihadists has been going on for nearly a month, other localities in this circle have experienced worrying incidents in recent hours. Inter-community tensions have resulted in […]

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Mali: Deadly terrorist attack in the central region

A military position in Sokoura, in the circle of Bankass, “was the subject of a terrorist attack” on the night of Monday to Tuesday, the army said, which reports a provisional balance sheet of “nine dead and wounded in its ranks. A reinforcement dispatched to the scene then fell, Tuesday morning, in an ambush, which […]

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Sophie Pétronin and the Malian opposition leader Soumaïla Cissé are free at last

Two hostages, the Frenchwoman Sophie Pétronin and the Malian opposition leader Soumaïla Cissé, were released this Thursday, October 8, 2020. This release comes after the release of several dozen jihadists by the Malian authorities. The last French hostage still held in the world, Sophie Pétronin, as well as Soumaïla Cissé, a prominent Malian politician, hitherto […]

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Mali: The transitional government is known

The transitional government in Mali was unveiled Monday, October 5. Of the 25 members, the military junta occupies four strategic positions: Defense, Security, National Reconciliation and Territorial Administration, which organizes the elections. In this transitional government, very few places have been reserved for the traditional political class, which proposed the name of the new Minister […]

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Mali: The transition charter is published with major amendment on Vice-President’s prerogatives

The charter that will organize the transition for the next 18 months was published on Thursday, October 1 in the Official Gazette. The document takes into account a primordial requirement of ECOWAS on the prerogatives of the transitional vice-president, Colonel Assimi Goïta, head of the junta. Contrary to a previous version of the transition charter, […]

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Mali: Amadou Sanogo former head of the junta in 2012 made public appearance

The official ceremony for the 60th anniversary of Mali’s independence on September 22nd saw the notable presence of Amadou Sanogo, author of the 2012 coup d’état. The former head of the junta is awaiting trial for “assassination and complicity in assassination. During the official ceremony of the 60th anniversary of Mali’s independence, it was seen […]

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Mali: Goodluck Jonathan waited for in Bamako on September 23rd, junta intensified its consultations

This Wednesday, September 23 in the afternoon, Goodluck Jonathan, the ECOWAS mediator for the Malian crisis is scheduled to make his next visit to Bamako, according to a source within the sub-regional organization. The objective is to assess the situation while, following a meeting in Accra with the junta on Tuesday, West African heads of […]

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Mali: Former President Moussa Traoré passed away at the age of 83

The former Malian president, General Moussa Traoré died on Tuesday, September 15, it was learned from his family. Born on September 25, 1936, he had taken power in 1968 before being overthrown in March 1991. Sentenced to death, he was pardoned in 2002 by former president Alpha Oumar Konaré. In recent years, he was very […]

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