Japan condemned to pay $11,500 in reparation to family of Cameroonian citizen who died in detention

A court in Japan has condemned the government of the Asian country to pay $11,500 in reparation to the mother of a Cameroonian citizen who died in a detention center for migrants as result of non-medical assistance, RFI reports.

The court in the city of Mito in Ibaraki Prefecture ruled in favor of the man who has not been identified but reportedly was held in detention in 2013 after being refused to enter the Asian country.

The Cameroonian, according to the media, was found dead in his cell and died after being denied medical assistance though he was suffering diabetes. His mother reportedly demanded $70,000 in compensation.

The Japanese government rejected the complaint of the mother of the victim and associations defending the rights of migrants living Japan.

The government argued that the staff of the detention center did have necessary medical skills to assist the detainee.

Japan is notorious for bad treatment of migrants put on expulsion list. More than 1,500 foreigners mostly from Africa, Middle East and South-East Asia, are currently in detention pending their expulsion according to Human Rights Watch.

At least 24 have died there since 1997, sometimes after hunger strikes, RFI said, citing the NGO.

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