Tanzania: 19 dead in the crash of a plane into Lake Victoria

Tanzania is in mourning after a Precision Air Flight crashed in the northwestern part of the country on Sunday morning, November 6. The plane crashed into Lake Victoria. At least 19 people died, authorities said, while rescue operations are not completed.
Impressive images show the plane, an ATR 42-500, largely submerged, with only the back of the green and brown fuselage visible above the lake water. Around it, many boats and rescue teams are trying to lift the plane with cables.
A local official, Regional Commissioner Albert Chalamila, had earlier said 26 people had been rescued from the 43 people on board, including 39 passengers, the two pilots and two crew members. But Precision Air Flight, which is partly owned by Kenya Airways, said in a statement that 24 people survived the crash.
The domestic flight, PW494, departed from Dar es Salaam and was due to land at Bukoka airport in the northwest of the country. The regional police commander, who was unable to explain the accident, said that at the time of the approach there were thunderstorms and heavy rain.
The plane crashed 100 meters from the lake shore. A witness reported seeing the aircraft flying erratically as it approached the airport in low visibility conditions.
President Samia Suluhu Hassan expressed her condolences to those affected by the accident, saying, “Let us keep calm and pray that God will help us.”