Angola: Court clerks to go on strike

The judicial officers of Angola will paralyze the courts and the processes from Thursday, 10, in another protest against what they say are the precarious conditions of the justice facilities, lack of transportation and health insurance, and for the revision of the remuneration status.
The announcement comes after several failed attempts at negotiations between the Union of Justice Officials (SOJA) and the Supreme Judicial Council. The general secretary of SOJA, Joaquim de Brito Teixeira, said that negotiations had begun in May 2021 “and we never left the negotiating table with a concrete solution and that worries us.”
“The reason for our strike is the non-response of our claim booklet that begins on the 10th and goes to the 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th,” he said, adding that the Superior Council of the Magistracy of Angola refuses to receive the strike declaration.
“They are saying that we should deliver it to the Ministry of Justice and human rights, how do they want that if the employer is the Superior Council of the Magistracy,” he questioned.
Contacted, the heads of the Superior Council of the Magistracy did not make any declaration.