Cape Verde’s PJ seizes and destroys almost 8.5 tons of cannabis

The Judicial Police (PJ) of Cape Verde announced yesterday the seizure and destruction, in several locations on the island of Santiago, in recent days, of almost 8.5 tons of cannabis.
In a statement, the PJ said the operations were carried out in fields of cultivation in the municipality of Ribeira Grande by elements of the Central Investigation Section of Drug Trafficking and Organized Crime, and also had the support of the Armed Forces.
In Belém, 1,322 kilos of cannabis were seized, and in Mosquito de Horta more than 2,258 kilos were seized, both on October 28. On November 4th, 3,668 kilos of cannabis were seized in Belém and 1,225 kilos in Encosta de Santa Clara.
“It should be noted that all the drugs seized” in those locations were incinerated “after the Judicial Police had weighed them,” the note said, without specifying whether any arrests were made in these operations.
In another operation, held on 07 October, the PJ had seized 717 kilos of that product, in Tronco, also in the municipality of Ribeira Grande de Santiago and arrested a suspect.
The PJ has been carrying out several operations of this kind within the island of Santiago and in five field actions alone, in the last quarter of 2020, seized and destroyed more than 27,000 tons of cannabis found in cultivation fields.

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