Rwanda expands military support to southern Cabo Delgado

The Rwandan Armed Forces have announced the extension of their anti-terrorist operations to the southern part of Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado province.
The Rwandan Armed Forces have extended action to the southern part of Cabo Delgado province, extending support to Mozambique in the fight against terrorism beyond the area of the gas projects, according to information released by the troops.
The gas projects, suspended due to attacks, are in Palma district, on the northeastern tip of the province, but the Rwandan forces “have an ongoing operation launched since 21 December,” in Ancuabe district, to the south, they said in a statement.
During a visit to the military base of the Rwandan Armed Forces located in Ancuabe district, Mozambique’s defence minister, Major-General Cristóvão Chume, along with the deputy commander of the Mozambican Armed Forces were briefed on the state of play of the ongoing operations.
According to the statement, during the visit the Mozambican minister “expressed the appreciation of the Mozambican government for the work that has been done in the field.
Ancuabe district has graphite mines, a resource that has seen a sharp rise in value in recent years due to an increase in demand for the manufacture of batteries for electric vehicles. But insurgent attacks have brought work on the mines to a standstill since mid-2022.
The same scattered groups are suspected of carrying out the latest attacks against civilians in other nearby districts.