Moroccan, US intelligence agencies to foster cooperation

Moroccan police and domestic intelligence DGST chief Abdellatif Hammouchi and FBI’s head Christopher Wary renewed commitment to strengthen cooperation in their second meeting in Rabat.

The talks “were an opportunity for both parties to review their close bilateral cooperation relations,” notably with regards to new security threats, the DGST said in a statement.

Special attention was given to joining efforts to fight terrorist groups and transborder crime as well as the promotion of information exchange in addition to fostering cooperation to counter threats relating to chemical, biological and nuclear weapons.

This is the second meeting of the two chiefs after they have met in June 2022 in the US.

The US Department Counter Terrorism Report cites a “long history” of counter terrorism cooperation between Washington and Rabat and lauds Morocco’s “comprehensive strategy, which includes vigilant security measures, regional and international cooperation, and terrorist counter-radicalization policies.”

“Moroccan law enforcement agencies participated in a wide range of U.S.-sponsored programs to improve the country’s counterterrorism technical and investigative capabilities, including financial investigation, intelligence analysis, and cybersecurity,” said the US Department in the latest version of the report.


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