Angola spent 155 ME in 2021 to fight Covid-19

The Angolan Government announced on Thursday July 27 that it has spent 142 billion kwanzas (€155 million) to combat and mitigate the effects of Covid-19 in 2021, mostly for the general costs of the disease.
The information was transmitted by the Angolan Minister of Finance, Vera Daves, realizing that the amount allocated to Covid-19 general expenditure in 2021 was 132.11 billion kwanzas (144 million euros).
Vera Daves, who was presenting in the National Assembly (parliament) the axes of the General State Account (CGE) 2021, stressed that 9.16 billion kwanzas (10 million euros) of the total amount went to the construction of field hospitals.
In relation to the vaccination plan against covid-19, in this period, the governor realized that about 104.57 billion kwanzas (114 million euros) were disbursed, destined for the acquisition of about 22,946,400 doses of Sputnik, Sinopharma and Jansen vaccines.
The 2021 State Budget estimated revenue and expenditure of 14.75 trillion kwanzas (€16 billion) and showed revenue collection of Kz 15.22 trillion (€16.16 billion).
This general instrument of macroeconomic management in Angola, the minister said, showed expenditure of Kz 14.42 trillion (€15.7 billion), resulting in a nominal surplus of Kz 793.99 billion.
She also announced that the fiscal balance, for the 2021 financial year, was a surplus of around 1 billion kwanzas and the current balance totaled 3.49 billion kwanzas, “demonstrating that current revenues were sufficient to cover current expenses”. According to Vera Daves, of the total revenue collected in 2021, current revenue amounted to 10.1 billion kwanzas (1 billion euros), “corresponding to an execution, above the forecast, of 125% and a share of total revenue of approximately 66%”.