Morocco’s King calls for seriousness, dedication to work to open up new horizons for development, reforms

King Mohammed VI has called for seriousness and dedication to work so that Morocco’s development trajectory, which has reached a new stage of maturity, moves on to a different level and open up new horizons with respect to the major reforms and large-scale projects Moroccans deserve.

In a speech he delivered Saturday evening on the 24th anniversary of his enthronement, celebrated on July 30, King Mohammed VI said that the seriousness he is calling for is not an empty slogan, nor is it a mere pronouncement to be taken at face value. “Rather, it is an integrated concept rooted in a set of practical principles and human values. The more we commit to seriousness, the more successful we shall be in overcoming difficulties and rising to challenges,” the King pointed out.

The King who affirmed that Moroccans are known for their honesty and optimism, for their tolerance and openness, and for the pride they take in their time-honored customs and their unified national identity, stated that whenever the conditions are right, and each time they commit to seriousness and to the spirit of patriotism, Moroccan youth always manage to dazzle the world with great, unprecedented accomplishments. He mentioned in this connection the feat of Morocco’s football team in the latest World Cup.

“As acknowledged, both in Morocco and around the world, our sons provided some of the best illustrations of patriotism and unity, as well as family and community cohesion. They made me and the entire Moroccan people proud,” he said, adding that this same spirit guided his decision to “make a joint bid with our friends, Spain and Portugal, to host the 2030 World Cup Finals, which I hope will be an historic event at all levels.”

For the Sovereign, this is an unprecedented candidacy which brings together two continents – Africa and Europe – as well as two civilizations; a candidacy which unites the two shores of the Mediterranean and reflects the ambitions and aspirations of the peoples of the region for further cooperation, interaction and understanding.

The King also underlined how seriousness is reflected by the creativity and innovation shown by Moroccan youth in various fields. In this regard, he commended, in particular, the manufacturing of the first Moroccan-made, locally produced and financed car, as well as the presentation of the first hydrogen-powered car prototype developed by a young Moroccan.

“These projects attest to Moroccan genius and to the confidence in the energy and capabilities of our youth. Such achievements encourage our youth to work harder and be innovative. They also promote the “Made in Morocco” brand and strengthen our country’s position as a hub for productive investment,” King Mohammed VI underlined.

In his speech, the King Mohammed VI also the government to speed up the implementation of “Morocco Offer” project in the field of green hydrogen as the country seeks to diversify its energy sources by increasing the share of renewables.

“I invite the government to speed up the implementation of this project, to make sure the requirements of quality are observed, to leverage our country’s significant potential in this regard, and to meet the expectations of leading global investors in this promising field,” he said.

The King also cited the repercussions of the current global crisis and successive droughts that affected the cost of living.

“I have instructed the government to take the necessary measures to mitigate the negative effects of the current situation on the social segments and sectors that are most affected, and to make sure basic products are available on the market,” he said.

He also called for more efforts to enhance the resilience of Morocco’s economy and urged the government to complete the implementation of the social protection project with payment of social benefits to the families concerned to start at the end of this year.

“I hope this direct income will contribute to improving the living conditions of millions of families and children, whose suffering I am sensitive to,” he said.

“As regards water resources management – a sector requiring greater commitment and vigilance – I have made sure a national water program for the period 2020-2027 is developed,” he said.

“I call for strict monitoring of all implementation stages and stress that there will be zero tolerance for any form of mismanagement, or chaotic, irresponsible use of water resources,” the King added.

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