South Africa: Fire leaves 250 people homeless

Over 200 people have been left homeless after a fire broke out at the Plastic View informal settlement, the City of Tshwane’s Emergency Services Department said.
The incident happened on Saturday November 4 morning. “One patient was treated for smoke inhalation and moderate injuries, and three [others] were treated for minor injuries on the scene but refused transport to a medical facility. Two hundred and fifty people lost shelter and personal belongings because of the fire,” said the department.
A total of 45 shacks were gutted. Emergency services arrived at the scene to find shacks on fire at the settlement located east of Pretoria. The fire was contained and subsequently extinguished. “The Tshwane Emergency Services Department will intensify public awareness campaigns at this informal settlement as part of continuous education to the communities on fire safety and disaster risk reduction. The department calls on residents to use paraffin stoves with extreme caution, never leave open fires without adult supervision or unattended, or overload electrical plugs with appliances. Illegal electricity connections are a fire and life hazard, which residents should always be aware might lead to emergency incidents”, it said. Meanwhile, the Tshwane Emergency Services Department, together with the city’s Community and Social Development Department, are coordinating relief efforts for those affected by the fire.
The cause of the fire is still under investigation.