São Tomé and Príncipe recorded more than 50 new cases of covid-19 in one month

São Tomé and Príncipe recorded 53 cases of COVID-19 in November, with the government calling on the population to resume prevention measures and the use of masks in closed places, the authorities announced on Thursday.
The Prime Minister of São Tomé said that there have been new cases, but the situation is “not yet alarming”, so he appealed to people “to be careful, wash their hands, and wear masks in closed places because we need to be safe”.
“What’s been happening is that these are cases whose manifestations are relatively weak, not as they were in the past, but the scientific team is also working to see what kind of covid we’re facing thanks to sequencing,” said Patrice Trovoada, when asked on the sidelines of his visit to the National Medicines Fund.
According to the director of health care, 366 positive cases have been registered this year, with 53 active cases, namely 38 in the district of Água Grande, the country’s capital, followed by Mé-Zóchi with 10, Lobata with 3, and two cases in Caué.
Isaulina Barreto also said that there are three patients admitted to Ayres de Menezes hospital, but they are sick, “some with their underlying illness”, but who “are stable”.
The director of health care said that she will intensify the vaccination campaigns against COVID-19 in health centers, starting on Monday.
The weekly COVID-19 bulletin published by the Ministry of Health on Monday indicates that since the beginning of the pandemic, 6,635 cases have been confirmed in the archipelago, of which 6,527 have recovered from the disease and 80 have died.
In terms of vaccination, 104,922 people have been immunized.

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