Speaker of the Mozambican Parliament defends “exemplary punishment” for domestic violence

The President of the Assembly of the Republic of Mozambique, Esperança Bias, on Saturday December 2 called for exemplary punishment for perpetrators of domestic violence, characterizing this practice as “intolerable.”
“We must ensure greater vigilance and denunciation so that there is an exemplary penalty against those who do wrong”, said Esperança Bias during the Parliamentary Cabinet’s Annual Women’s Forum.
Government figures released at the event show that between January and September 2023, Mozambique recorded 3,923 cases of physical violence and 1,504 cases of psychological violence in the domestic context.
“These are worrying figures; even if there had only been one case, violence is and will always be intolerable”, she said.
Early unions and domestic violence are an evil that must be combated by everyone by raising awareness among families, religious and community leaders, and local authorities,” added Esperança Bias. For her part, the Minister of Gender, Children, and Social Action, Nyeleti Mondlane, defended the promotion of equal rights and duties for men and women, noting the approval of instruments that allow access to basic social and economic services for women and children.