Kenya: Self-proclaimed pastor Paul Mackenzie charged with 238 cases of manslaughter

He had already been charged with “terrorism”. In Kenya, self-proclaimed pastor Paul Mackenzie was indicted Tuesday, January 23, on 238 counts of manslaughter, alongside 94 co-defendants, followers of his sect, the ‘Good News International Church’. An indictment for their role in the “Shakahola massacre” affair.
Presumed to be followers of the evangelical sect, 429 remains were exhumed last year. These people were called upon to fast until death in order to meet Jesus.
According to the Attorney General’s office, the events took place between January 2021 and September 2023. They involved 238 victims whose remains were exhumed in the Shakahola forest. Paul Mackenzie, who headed the sect, and his co-defendants are charged with manslaughter in connection with a “suicide pact”. Followers were encouraged to fast until death in order to meet Jesus before the end of the world, announced for 2023.
Autopsies revealed that most of the more than 400 victims died of starvation. Traces of strangulation and suffocation were also found on some of the bodies, including those of children.
Last week, Paul Mackenzie and his 94 co-defendants were already charged with four counts of “terrorism”. On Thursday, January 25, the self-proclaimed pastor and several co-defendants are due to appear in court on charges of child cruelty. Next week, they will also face 191 charges for murdering minors.