Mozambican Government defends capitalization of raw materials for the country’s industrialization

The Prime Minister of Mozambique, Adriano Maleiane, defended the country’s commitment to industrialization, through the capitalization of local raw materials, with a view to rapid economic growth.
Maleiane was speaking on Saturday January 27 at the meeting of the Dialogue on Prosperity in Africa, held in Accra, the capital of Ghana.
“We reaffirm Mozambique’s determination to continue implementing measures and actions that contribute to increasing national industrial production, favoring the use of local raw materials, stimulating an increase in trade, particularly with African countries,” said the Mozambican Prime Minister, in a speech.
He pointed out that the intensification of commercial ties between African nations will contribute to the consolidation of the African Continental Free Trade Area and to achieving the goals of the African Agenda 2063.
“Africa needs to increase trade between the countries of the continent to ensure the rapid development of African countries,” said Adriano Maleiane. The Mozambican Prime Minister emphasized the importance of a strong alliance between the continent’s business community and financial institutions.
“We believe that in order to promote and strengthen economic and trade relations we must ensure an increasingly vibrant involvement of the business sector and national, regional and international financial institutions, which will allow us to increase investment in technology and innovation,” he said.
Africa, he continued, needs to create solid and secure foundations for increased production, industrialization by adding value to raw materials.