Burkina Faso: AfDB $ 30.4 million to develop agricultural infrastructure


The African Development Bank (AfDB) has announced on May 8th, having granted 30.4 million dollars aid to Burkina Faso to finance infrastructure development and agricultural value chains at the Bagré growth pole (PAPCB).

Among the main infrastructure to be financed with this support from AfDB, including an extension of 22 km from the primary channel on the right bank, making a buffer tank with a capacity of 114,000 m3, the development of a irrigation scheme for small producers (924 ha), rehabilitation of 1200 hectares on the right bank, and the construction of storage facilities, processing and marketing.

According to a statement from the AfDB, the project will contribute to the development of value chains (rice, maize and market garden products) identified as carriers of the strategy of the government of Burkina Faso.

The project intervention area is approximately 250 km from Ouagadougou to respectively 30 and 50 km of the borders of Ghana and Togo.

The PAPCB directly affect three categories of beneficiaries: farmers, including 903 affected by the project are resettled in new irrigated perimeter and 1200 at an existing irrigated area – a total of 2,103 small farmers; young agricultural promoters to the number of 116, 96 sons / daughters of farmers in the project area and 20 degree (s) of agricultural training institutions; and 3 private operators, recipients of an irrigated area of ​​1,270 ha. These are, in total, some 13,300 people (including about 4,000 women) who will benefit directly from PAPCB project.

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