Egypt: Russia gives Egypt a Molniya missile ship

Egypt Russia gives Egypt a Molniya missile shipEgypt’s naval arsenal will be boosted by a Russian warship that Armed Forces Spokesman Mohamed Samir described in a post on social media as the “most advanced unit in the Russian navy.”

The Molniya missile ship is considered to be one of the world’s most sophisticated missile ships equipped with several armament systems amongst which are surface to surface missiles.

The ship was in Egypt during the inauguration of the second waterway of the Suez Canal last week but has returned to Russia. Samir said the surface to surface missile system of the ship is one of the fastest available while its “warning and electronic war systems” will be an added advantage to the country’s defensive capabilities.

Cooperation between Moscow and Cairo has been strengthened this year after high profile visits and the signing of several agreements amongst which are nuclear and military deals.

Egypt has been boosting its military since the arrival of President Sisi due to the security threats posed by terrorists in the Sinai Peninsula. The Muslim Brotherhood is also another challenge to the government and on Friday, it called for its supporters to commemorate the second anniversary of the Rabaa Al-Adawiyya and Al-Nahda Square protests in 2013 calling it “a day of anger” commemorating “a revolutionary uprising against the murderers” and “the righteous martyrs.”

Egypt has been criticized by civil and human rights organizations after more than a 1000 people died, hundreds tried in mass trials and many more languishing in jails. Cairo has always rejected claims that it violated human rights or used excessive force to crackdown on protesters.

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