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Former French PM warns against Polisario as a real threat to the Sahel

Former French PM Manuel Valls has warned against the Polisario separatist front which constitutes a real threat to the Sahel because of all the trafficking it conducts in the area. The Polisario is involved in the trafficking of arms, human being, and drugs and represents therefore a real threat to security in the Sahel region, […]

Togo: Colonel Bitala Madjoulba was murdered with his own weapon

Six months after the death of Colonel Bitala Madjoulba, – assassinated during the night of 3 to 4 May, a few hours after the inauguration of President Faure Gnassingbé which he had just attended – the investigation seems to be progressing. The ballistics tests carried out by France and Ghana have spoken for themselves: the […]

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France deeply concerned over Polisario-perpetrated blockade in Guerguarat

France is deeply concerned over the ongoing blockade in Guergarat, where the Polisario is hampering the free flow of commercial traffic, French Foreign Minister, Jean Yves Le Drian, said Monday in Rabat.   France is following the events in Guergarat with attention, Le Drian pointed out at a joint press briefing with his Moroccan peer […]

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Côte d’Ivoire: Guillaume Soro called on the Defense and Security Forces “to act”

The trial of strength continues between the Ivorian government and its opposition. This Wednesday evening, former rebel leader Guillaume Soro, in exile in Paris, called on the Defense and Security Forces “to act”. While several opposition leaders are under house arrest, he said he is ready to continue the implementation of the “transition”. In this […]

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Rwanda: President Habyarimana’s widow heard by the French justice system

Agathe Habyarimana, the widow of the former Rwandan president, suspected of being involved in the 1994 genocide, was heard by the French justice system on Tuesday, November 3. A rare hearing in the context of the investigation into the role played by former gendarme Paul Barril at the time of the massacres. It had been […]

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France loans Casa Transports €100.5 million for construction of two Tramway lines

France’s development agency, AFD, allocated Monday, €100.5 million in form of credit to Casa Transports, for the construction of two tramway lines in the kingdom’s economic capital, Casablanca. The loan is earmarked for the construction of T3 and T4, two streetcar lines expected to ease public transport and commutes in the crowded city of close […]

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Madagascar: Andry Rajoelina announces the return by France of a royal coin that adorned the top of the throne of Queen Ranavalona III

The President of the Republic, Andry Rajoelina, announced Tuesday, November 3, during a press briefing at the Presidential Palace, the return by France of a royal coin that adorned the top of the throne of Queen Ranavalona III. A throne on which the last sovereign of the Big Island (who reigned from 1883 to 1897) […]

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Morocco denounces publication of provocative cartoons

Morocco condemned in the strongest terms the publication of offensive cartoons of the prophet Muhammad as a provocative act showing the “immaturity” of its perpetrators, the foreign ministry said.   “The Kingdom of Morocco denounces these acts which reflect a lack of maturity of its perpetrators and reaffirms that the freedom of expression ends where […]

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Ryanair to boost air links to Morocco

Ryanair said it will increase its flights to Moroccan cities in a much needed boost to tourism hit by the pandemic. As of October 25, the low-cost company will resume 45 air routes linking Morocco to Belgium, France, the UK, Italy, Germany, Spain and Portugal. The announcement was received with relief among tourist operators whose […]

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Madagascar: The country restricts its sky to European and Russian flights due to Covid-19

A note of the civil aviation of Madagascar (ACM), published Thursday evening, prohibits from now on the embarkation towards the Big Island of passengers coming from nine countries of the European continent (Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom, Ukraine) as well as from Russia. It is therefore the flights to the island […]

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