Senegal: Middle Eastern nationals arrested in alleged naturalization scandal

Seven people among whom Syrian, Yemeni and Saudi men have been arrested forging documents in view of obtaining Senegalese nationality, reports say.

Senegalese authorities have detained Ali Fawaz, Lebanese-Syrian man suspected for involvement in the forgery. The man according to Mamadou Diop, a registrar at Grand Dakar submitted several applications to obtain the Senegalese nationality for a fee of €1.524 for each.

Applications include fake documents, reports citing local Liberation media. Last month, the media reports, a Saudi, a Yemeni and a Syrian acquired the Senegalese nationality using the same marriage certificate with a Senegalese woman.
The ringleader, a Senegalese, has been on the run, the media notes. The West African country is major destination for foreigners, for vacation or business.

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