Gambia: Ten loyalists of ex-leader Jammeh face coup charges

Ten soldiers accused of treason and mutiny in a plot against Gambian President Adama Barrow, have been sent to court on Tuesday, local media reported

Two others loyalists of former leader Yahya Jammeh are also being tried for aiding a sergeant to escape.

The ten soldiers have allegedly attempted to overthrow the democratically elected government of The Gambia by illegal means, in violation of the law, AFP reported quoting a court document.

The Gambian government is still under active threat from president Jammeh’s loyalists.

The former leader ruled the West African nation for 22 years and for six weeks he refused to accept his election defeat by Adama Barrow. He was forced to exile in Equatorial Guinea by Ecowas troops earlier this year.

Over 200 of his assets in The Gambia have been frozen, with a number of them in the control of his siblings.

Adama Barrow had requested the continuous presence of the ECOWAS force in his country in order to sustain sound security in the early stages of his presidency.

Colonel Magatte Ndiaye, the head of a Senegalese army contingent still deployed to Gambia since July informed the local and international media that rebel elements are still seeking to destabilize the country.

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