Tunisia to reopen its embassy in Syria

ambassy-tunisiaTunisia wants to reopen its embassy in Syria which has been closed for more than two years and has sent a request in this vein to the government in Damascus. Tunis is yet to receive a reply from Syria’s foreign ministry and a diplomatic source said that the letter has been sent to the foreign ministry since “last week.”
Reports claim that the reopening of the embassy could be delayed. Tunisia quickly closed its embassy when the uprising against the Assad regime began in 2011. It will become the first country to reopen its diplomatic office in Syria if its request receives a positive response from the foreign ministry. Syria still remains unstable and its current situation is described as a war between the pro-government troops and rebels. The country is divided between these two factions and it seems as if the situation is at a stalemate.
The reasons behind Tunisia’s decision to return in Syria still remains unknown and the government has not confirmed or denied the report. The Assad government still remains in power despite plans by the United States together with its European and Middle Eastern allies’ plans to oust him. The war is expected to take a new twist with countries supporting the Free Syrian Army ready to give it arms after accusations that Damascus has started using chemical weapons against its citizens.
There are reports that some Arab states have given arms to them in recent weeks but the United States wants the rebels groups to be assessed first before any military aid.
Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Persian Gulf states have also extended financial aid to the rebels after claims that they were running out of ammunition in their fight against Assad and his regime.

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