Arab League warns against ‘foreign interference’ in Libya

The Arab League has warned against deployment of foreign fighters in Libya.

In an emergency meeting in Cairo Tuesday, the council of the League urged the warring sides in Libya not to do anything that might enable the deployment of foreign fighters in the country.

They expressed “serious concern over the military escalation further aggravating the situation in Libya and which threatens the security and stability of neighboring countries and the entire region”.

A statement issued by the League warned of “the gravity of taking any unilateral steps … in a manner that allows foreign military interventions and contributes to the escalation and prolongation of the conflict”.

“Regional interventions that help among other things in facilitating the transfer of foreign extremist fighters from other regional conflict zones to Libya” should be prevented, it said.

Last week, Turkey has said it will seek parliamentary support for sending troops to Libya.

Egypt, a member of the Arab League is one of General Haftar’s foremost foreign backers, while Turkey supports the internationally recognized government in Tripoli, the GNA.

On Monday, the UN’s Libya envoy, Ghassan Salame, said the deals signed by Turkey and the Tripoli government represented an “escalation” of the conflict in the North African country.

Both sides in Libya have received foreign air support, mainly through drones, and Russian military contractors have been deployed on the front line to help General Haftar’s forces.

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