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UN: Morocco Calls for Realistic & Pragmatic Solution to Libyan Crisis

Morocco has called for a realistic and pragmatic solution to the Libyan crisis, which continues to get worse every day, go unresolved and rip through the country with the intensification of foreign interventions. “Let us be realistic and pragmatic in addressing the situation in Libya. The proliferation of initiatives has the opposite effect”, Morocco’s top […]

Arab League calls for an immediate ceasefire in Libya

Arab Foreign Ministers have expressed total opposition to all forms of interference in Libya and to all plans to divide the country, calling for the disbanding of militias and the withdrawal of mercenaries from Libyan territory in order to make a ceasefire viable. The Arab League Foreign Ministers, who held an emergency meeting Tuesday at […]

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Libya: Egypt’s threats of direct intervention in case GNA forces progress towards its borders

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi warned Saturday that any advance by the forces of the Libyan Government of National Unity (GNA), supported by Ankara, towards the strategic city of Sirte could lead to “direct” intervention from Cairo. With Ankara’s support, forces loyal to the UN-recognized GNA have scored important victories since early June, regaining control […]

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Arm wrestling between Russia and Turkey over a ceasefire in Libya

Russia and Turkey – which are playing a leading role in bringing about a ceasefire in Libya – do not seem to agree on the modalities of a lasting truce. On Sunday 14 June, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Defense Minister Sergei Choigou were expected in Istanbul, but the visit was cancelled at the […]

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Libya: GNA re-takes control of Tripoli international Airport

Things are getting well for the forces loyal to the Government of National Accord (GNA) in Libya. Since May 26, the forces have been winning one victory after another. On the evening of Wednesday June 3, they announced that they had “fully liberated Tripoli International Airport”. The announcement follows several days of violent fighting around […]

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African Union Contact Group on Libya concerned over Egyptian threat

The Egyptian President last weekend threatened to commit the Egyptian army to Libya if the self-proclaimed National Libyan Army (NLA) of Khalifa Haftar “were to be put in difficulty” in its “fight against terrorism,” referring to the Government of National Accord of Fayez al-Sarraj.   The interview has raised the fears of the African Union […]

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Haftar officially declares withdrawal from UN Skhirate Agreement

Libya’s renegade general Khalifa Haftar has officially declared he was withdrawing from the UN sponsored political agreement signed in Morocco’s Skhirate in 2015. Haftar declared himself military ruler of Libya with a “popular mandate from the people,” while scrapping the UN deal as obsolete. The deal between the warring factions led to forming a national […]

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Libya: Ghassan Salamé resigns as UN envoy

The UN’s special envoy for Libya has resigned amid efforts to bring peace in the North African country. According to Ghassan Salame, his efforts in Libya was damaging his health. “My health no longer allows this rate of stress”, the UN diplomat said on Twitter. Talks between the UN-backed government based in the capital, Tripoli, […]

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Libya situation, a ‘scandal’ – UN Secretary General

The United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres on Tuesday called the situation in Libya a “scandal”. Speaking in a press conference in which he was critical of countries that last month met in Berlin to push for progress in Libya peace talks, the UN boss said he is “deeply frustrated with what’s happening in Libya.” […]

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Foreign Ministers to Meet on Libya (again) in Mid-March

Foreign ministers of countries seeking to broker a peace agreement in Libya have agreed to meet again in the middle of March, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said. “All foreign ministers present at the recent Libya conference in Berlin will meet again in mid-March,” Maas told German broadcaster ZDF. It was important that the Libyan […]

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