Moroccan Police Bust Illegal Migration Attempt in Saharan City of Dakhla

Moroccan authorities foiled on Tuesday an illegal migration attempt in the southern city of Dakhla amid covid-19 lockdown enforced in the country from March 20 to April 20.
A people smuggler, 29, was arrested in the Dakhla industrial zone along with 5 sub-Saharan candidates for illegal immigration, says a press release issued by the national police.
The search carried out by the security agents led to the seizure of a dinghy engine and seven jerry-cans containing 420 liters of fuel, adds the police statement.
This anti-smuggling operation is part of the sustained efforts made by the security agencies in the fight against illegal migration and human trafficking networks.
It shows the vigilance of the authorities which continue to ensure the full respect of the emergency rules aiming to prevent the spread of the coronavirus which was approaching this Wednesday in Morocco 2000 confirmed cases, with 127 deaths and 218 recoveries.

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