Death of former Prime Minister Emmanuel Issoze Ngondet of Gabon

Hospitalized in Libreville for an asthma attack, Emmanuel Issoze Ngondet died on June 11, 2020 at 1:00 am. He had been head of the Gabonese government between September 2016 and January 2019. The Gabonese Diplomat Emmanuel Issoze Ngondet aged 59, died during the night of Wednesday to Thursday after being hospitalized for an asthma attack.
After several ministerial posts, he was appointed Prime Minister of Gabon on 28 September 2016, a post he held until 12 January 2019.
He is replaced by Julien Nkoghe Bekalé on 12 January 2019. In return, he was appointed Mediator of the Republic, which he refused.
He was elected Member of Parliament during October 2018 elections.

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