Kenya: The chairman of the Senate committee on Covid-19 has resigned for violating curfew

Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja was arrested in a bar at one o’clock in the morning on Friday evening, 17 July. A blatant violation of the curfew rules put in place against the epidemic. He was heard this morning by a court in the capital.
The judge took note of Johnson Sakaja’s resignation. The judge still sentenced him to three months in jail or a $150 fine. Caught red-handed, Johnson Sakaja avoided jail time, since he chose to pay.
“I have paid my fine and I pledge to the Kenyans that I will follow the guidelines. I thank those who supported me for being understanding. We are all human beings,” he said.
From the beginning, Johnson Sakaja has kept a low profile. In court this Tuesday morning, the senator actually pleaded guilty. Already on Monday, he had already made an act of contrition in front of the police station when he came to turn himself in: “I am not making excuses. I am accused of violating curfew rules, and it is true. I was wrong and I am sorry. I take full responsibility for my actions. The law applies to me as it does to all Kenyans. »
This is ironic, because Johnson Sakaja was the chair of the Senate committee that discussed and reviewed, among other things, the restrictions on Covid-19. Rules that he himself trampled on.
However, the elected representative criticized the excessive use of force. He said about 50 armed agents came to his house on Saturday and Sunday, terrorizing his family. “I am not a fugitive. My children did not commit any crime, why intimidate them with weapons? “, the Senator asked.