Guinea: Cellou Dalein Diallo excluded from FNDC as he filed his candidacy for the presidential election

The National Front for the Defense of the Constitution is reacting to the decision of certain political parties in the movement to participate in the presidential election scheduled for October 18. In a statement, its national coordinator Abdourahmane Sano said that “from this decision, naturally follows their voluntary withdrawal from the movement.
On Monday, Cellou Dalein Diallo, president of the UFDG, the first opposition force, had filed his candidacy to the Constitutional Court, a controversial decision that ratifies a split within the coalition opposed to President Alpha Condé’s third term.
Debates were heated and resulted in a sibylline statement about which parties chose to participate in the presidential election. “From this decision follows naturally their voluntary withdrawal from the movement,” said the FNDC.
Aliou Bah, president of the Model, a party that has chosen the boycott, said: “If tomorrow we have a demonstration in which these Guineans members of these political parties take part, of course it is their right to fight for their country and we will not take that right away from them. It’s just that the leaders of these parties can no longer sit in the FNDC».
Half-worded, it was the exclusion of the UFDG, the main opposition party that contributed greatly to the organization and mobilization of the FNDC.
However, this split does not discourage Foninké Menguè, a member of the national coordination.
“The fight against the third mandate continues. In this sense, the FNDC needs all citizens, all Guineans who love justice and democracy for this state of affairs, so once again we continue the fight against the third term of Mr. Alpha Condé and in this vein we are ready to do everything possible to prevent the third term of Mr. Alpha Condé».
The FNDC must announce at the end of the week whether or not it intends to call for new events.
At the same time, on Wednesday, September 9, the Constitutional Court validated 12 of the 13 candidacies presented, including that of the outgoing president.

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