Benin: Elected members of the majority authorized to give their sponsorship to opposition candidates for presidential election

The Progressive Union Party (UP), one of the major blocks of the Talon movement authorizes its elected representatives to “sponsor any candidate supported by a party with a legal existence”. Clearly, the elected members of the majority can give their sponsorship to opposition candidates. A decision taken during a meeting of the enlarged political bureau, held this Saturday, January 16 in Abomey-Calavi.
The opposition is still not getting the removal of the 16 MP or mayor sponsorships required of any candidate, a provision it is fighting against, because it has no elected representative. But with the instructions of the Progressive Union, it can hope for the sponsorships of the elected members of the movement.
“The political bureau of the Progressive Union gives a mandate to the national executive direction to invite deputies and mayors elected on the lists of the Progressive Union to sponsor for the post of president of the Republic and vice-president of the Republic, any candidate supported by a political party having a legal existence,” specifies the resolution read on Saturday before more than 300 delegates by Antoine Idji Kolawolé, member of the political bureau.
Patrice Talon had promised, during his national tour, an open competition with the participation of opposition candidates. Informed sources report that at the end of December, the head of state would have gathered his troops in this direction. The instructions formulated in these terms exclude de facto the liberal Social Union of Sebastien Ajavon, which has no legal existence. A militant of the USL considers that it is President Talon who chooses his opponents.
The opposition parties FCBE, former party of Boni Yayi, Restoring Hope of Candide Azanaï and Les Démocrates have not yet made an official statement to state their position.

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