American Jewish Committee Calls on Biden Administration to Support Morocco’s Sovereignty over its Sahara

The American Jewish Committee has called on the Biden administration to support its predecessor’s recognition of Morocco’s full sovereignty over its entire Sahara and promote autonomy plan offered by Rabat for a lasting resolution of the Sahara regional conflict.

In an op-ed posted on the committee’s website and published by US Newsweek magazine, foreign policy expert Jason Isaacson said the US recognition of the Moroccaness of the Sahara serves American interests in advancing stability in North Africa and the Middle East, describing Morocco as America’s oldest ally.

Furthermore, the obsolete referendum option, to which the Algeria-backed Polisario Front is still clinging, is infeasible and unworkable on the ground, while Algeria continues to oppose a negotiated settlement under UN auspices, underlined Mr. Jason.

Beginning under President George W. Bush, Washington began edging in the direction of support for Moroccan sovereignty, while also remaining committed to the UN peacekeeping force and negotiating mechanism to resolve the territory’s status, explained the columnist, who is the AJC’s Chief Policy and Political Affairs Officer, Jason Isaacson.

He also affirmed that US recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over the Sahara would bring greater stability and prosperity to a region that is a continental gateway.


The columnist praised the decision made in December by Morocco’s King Mohammed VI to reopen relations with Israel, saying such a move will unleash the huge economic and security potentials of the two countries.


“A Morocco strengthened by the resolution of the Western Sahara dispute and by cooperation across multiple sectors with Israel will be an ever-more capable partner of the United States in promoting regional stability, countering extremist forces and addressing human needs”, sates the expert.


It also urged the Biden administration to honor the Abraham accords “side deals” for the UAE and Morocco” to show American foreign policy consistency, affirming that the new US administration should build on the breakthroughs made by its predecessor in Arab-Israeli relations already undergoing a transformation across the MENA region.

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