The Oromo Diaspora in Europe protest against the Ethiopian Prime Minister

The Oromo Diaspora had called for a demonstration on Saturday, February 13, in Paris and other cities in Europe, to protest against the Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, and to demand the release of political prisoners, including opponent Jawar Mohamed
Jawar Mohamed, a former ally of the Prime Minister, was imprisoned last July along with about twenty other political activists, following the violence in the Oromia region. They are accused of terrorism and incitement to hatred.
As a sign of protest, just a few dozen members of the Ethiopian diaspora found themselves in the cold, in front of the premises of France Médias Monde (the group to which RFI belongs), near Paris. It was a small symbolic gathering, but it did not prevent the demonstrators from giving voice.
Some waved Oromo flags, others raised placards to demand the release of political prisoners. At the front of the demonstration, this young man claims that his father is in detention: “No justice… no equality… no freedom…. This government is a dictatorship and is destroying our society. That is what we are fighting and that is why we are here. Another demonstrator explains: “Since the arrival of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, there has been a lot of violence. There are arbitrary arrests”.
He is especially concerned about the situation of Jawar Mohammed, who has been on hunger strike for two weeks and whose health is deteriorating. He is also worried for his relatives in Ethiopia: “We cannot communicate with our family, the link is cut. We can’t talk because the country is closed. We are here to denounce this violation of human rights. They hope that one day, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed will answer for his actions before the courts.