Ivory Coast: Laurent Gbagbo announced back to Abidjan by his supporters in March

Laurent Gbagbo soon back in his country? That is what his supporters announced this Wednesday morning in Abidjan. A date is even put forward by the relatives of the former president.
“In mid-March of this year, he will be here with us,” said Assoa Adou on Wednesday before dozens of party officials in a frenzied atmosphere. The Secretary General of the Ivorian Popular Front (FPI), pro-Gbagbo, however, defends himself from trying to force the hand of the authorities. He nevertheless criticizes the Ivorian government for dragging things out.
Assoa Adou said he had been on the phone with the former president this Wednesday morning. Laurent Gbagbo would have precisely told him to announce his date to the party officials, meeting on the occasion of the creation of a national reception committee.
Laurent Gbagbo’s return has been the subject of negotiations between his supporters and the government since November. He already received his passports in December. And about ten days ago, his supporters were already impatient with the lack of progress in this process.
The evacuation of Prime Minister Hamed Bakayoko to France for health reasons last week is not expected to help the issue.
Laurent Gbagbo could return to Cote d’Ivoire once the appeal decision has been rendered by the ICC. The decision is expected by the end of March; what is expected is either confirmation of the acquittal or its annulment.

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