Comoros: The death of a retired non-commissioned officer has caused a stir

The death of a retired non-commissioned officer during an interrogation in a military barracks on the island of Anjouan has caused a stir because the circumstances of his death remain mysterious. Questioned for “attempted destabilization,” he did not survive the interrogation. The authorities speak of discomfort and even Covid-19 to explain his death. The version of relatives, who had to exhume the body to gain access to it, mentions blood and head injuries.
Some authorities visited Anjouan, where the situation is once again calm after clashes between the police and the population, who are demanding justice.
The causes of the death of Major Akim, known as Ba Pale, differ. The president’s chief of staff, in charge of defense, said that he was ill due to high blood pressure.
“During the interrogation, he admitted the facts of attempted destabilization and even cited his accomplices. When he felt ill, he was rushed to hospital but died on the way. His family was informed and the decision was made to bury him in the village of the mother of his children. “he assured.
This version is opposed to that of the relatives of the deceased who had to exhume the body to be certain that it was indeed the major. In addition, those present mentioned traces of blood, a smashed skull and the absence of a shroud.
In addition to the vagueness that still reigns over the circumstances of the death, the exhumation of a body is a strong and almost unprecedented act in the Comoros where Islam prevails. His relatives were able to perform the customary religious rites before burying him properly.
To clarify the facts, the government spokesman said that a command investigation has been opened.