Two Chinese nationals kidnapped in western Niger

Two Chinese nationals were abducted at a gold panning site in western Niger, in the village of Mbanga. This is the first time that Chinese nationals have been abducted in this region bordering Burkina Faso. As of Tuesday evening, the search had not yet produced any results.
They are two Chinese technicians from the Comeren company, which mines gold in the east of the country. They were abducted during the night near the village of Mbanga, in their base located on the Sirba tributary of the Niger River, not far from the border with Burkina Faso. The Sirba is a gold-rich area where the last attacks occurred about ten days ago.
According to well-informed security sources, the seven Chinese technicians departing from Niamey were officially informed of the risks of abduction they faced by going into this red zone in the middle of a state of emergency, where no two-wheeled vehicles or unauthorized vehicles are allowed to circulate.
Despite the warnings of the security services, only four technicians turned back. Bypassing the checkpoints with their guide and without a military escort, the three Chinese found themselves in the Sirba gold zone.
While attacking their base, the assailants kidnapped two Chinese technicians, the third managed to hide in the nearby bushes. He was found safe and sound by a special forces patrol. This is the first time that Chinese nationals have been kidnapped in the west of the country.

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