Chad: Nominations open for membership of the National Transitional Council

Chad is preparing to set up its National Transitional Council, a sort of parliament for the duration of the transition. Applications for membership opened on Monday, September 6. Candidates have one week to submit their applications to the committee in charge of selecting the future members of the NTC.
Be at least 25 years old, Chadian nationality and in good health… These are the conditions to apply. But above all, the interested parties must be proposed by twelve different colleges. Among which; political parties, civil society or even military and professional corporations.
The Wakit Tama coordination refuses to submit candidates. It considers the committee to be too close to the government and is calling for a dialogue before the establishment of the NTC.
“There is no partisan work,” said a member of the committee, which has until the end of the month to select the 93 members of the future assembly. The final word will go to the CMT president, Mahamat Idriss Déby, in accordance with the transition charter.

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