Loss of Congolese journalist Tshitenge Lubabu

A great African writer has gone. We learned the death, at 66 years, of the Congolese journalist Tshitenge Lubabu.
He began his career on Télé Zaïre, the national television station at the time when the country was ruled by Marshal Mobutu. Historian and storyteller, he produced and hosted a literary program that was very popular before moving to France to work for RFI.
He then joined the weekly Jeune Afrique where he sharpened his pen on more political subjects. A few years later, he returned to his native country, now the DRC. Editor-in-chief of a local economic newspaper in 2014, he is disappointed by the lack of rigor, the lack of ethics and training of journalists. Tshitenge Lubabu the scholar often complains about this.
He then gets involved with a politician from the province of Maniema about whom he undertakes to write a biography. A work that he will never finish. He has also written many books on Senghor, long stories on Bob Marley or on politics in the DRC.

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