Fecafoot: Samuel Eto’o deposits his candidature for presidency

Accompanied by supporters, Samuel Eto’o made the journey Wednesday, November 17 to the headquarters of the Cameroon Football Federation to submit his candidacy for the election of president of the Cameroon Football Federation (Fecafoot).
“Eto’o president, Eto’o president,” chanted the crowd as the former footballer arrived and left, as he remains very popular in his country. After announcing his candidacy for the post of president of Fecafoot at the end of September, Samuel Eto’o submitted his application to the headquarters of the body in Yaoundé on Wednesday, November 17.
I will be the next president of the federation despite all the cheating, because we have gone from 111 delegates to 76,” he told the press. Let these delegates take their responsibility to finally give Cameroon soccer the opportunity to become what it should be. So far only one candidate has presented his project. The camp opposite has no vision and no project.
He added: “I beg the camp opposite to be careful because we have accepted many things. If one of the Cameroonians who has kindly given me his sponsorship is eliminated, I will come here with all this crowd that follows me, and even that of the other regions, to dislodge them.”
The outgoing president Seidou Mbombo Njoya, elected in 2018 with the support of the former Barcelona player, is now Samuel Eto’o’s competitor for this election. The 40-year-old former striker has assured that the outgoing team offered him the position of vice president, which he declined.

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