Somalia: President Farmajo “suspends” Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble from his duties

Head of state Mohamed Abdullahi, known as Farmajo, announced in a statement on Sunday night (December 26) and Monday (December 27) that he was “suspending” his Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble from office “following allegations of corruption. The two men are engaged in a tug-of-war over the conduct of elections that should lead to the appointment of a new head of state.
The Prime Minister was accused a few days ago by the coast guard commander, who is close to the president, of profiting from the seizure of navy land, an accusation vigorously denied by the coast guard commander and several ministers involved. Villa Somalia’s statement referred to an attempt by the Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense to interfere with the military’s investigation into the allegations.
Despite the suspension of the Prime Minister, the communiqué states that the other members of the government “will continue to perform their duties.
In a second statement minutes later, the president also “ordered” the suspension of the commander of the Somali Navy, Brigadier General Abdihamid Mohamed Dirir.
The rift between the two men stems from the fate of the investigation into the mysterious disappearance of Ikran Tahlil Farah, a young intelligence officer, in June. The Prime Minister dismissed the internal intelligence investigation, blaming it on the shebab jihadists, and dismissed its director. This came at a time when the victim’s family openly accused Ikran Tahlil Farah’s hierarchy of being protected by the presidency.
This sensitive case will be handled by the civilian courts, not by a commission of inquiry as ordered by the Prime Minister, or by the military justice system as desired by the president.