DRC: Former President Joseph Kabila will not appear in Chebeya case

Former President Joseph Kabila will not appear at the appeal trial of the murder of human rights defender Floribert Chebeya. Using its “discretionary power”, the military court of Kinshasa-Gombe on Wednesday rejected the request of NGOs and civil parties in this sense.
“We are very disappointed by this position,” said Rostin Manketa, executive director of the NGO “La Voix des sans voix” (VSV), to which Floribert Chebeya belonged and which was a civil party in the trial of his assassination.
This organization is among the 50 non-governmental entities that, along with the civil parties, demanded the appearance of several people cited in the case by one of the defendants. Among these people is the former president and senator for life Joseph Kabila.
However, the president of the High Military Court rejected their request, ruling that it was inappropriate to bring these individuals to trial. Oral arguments will begin on January 26.
In addition, there is an important detail: Congolese law provides that former heads of state cannot be prosecuted for acts that took place during their term of office. They enjoy a certain immunity.
A colonel has already been sentenced on appeal to 15 years in prison in connection with this case. A senior officer and former police chief, General John Numbi, is on the run. He was investigated by the military prosecutor’s office and found to be involved in the case.

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