Senegal: The main leaders of the coalition “Yewi askan wi” dismissed from the legislative

A decision of the Constitutional Council on the evening of Friday, June 3, dismissed Ousmane Sonko and others. The latter were asking for the cancellation of an order of the minister in charge of elections which, last Tuesday, declared inadmissible the list of titular candidates registered on the national list. The ruling coalition “Benno bokk Yakar” whose list of alternates was also declared inadmissible takes note and asks everyone to accept this decision.
The qualifiers used by the opposition, grouped within the coalition “Yewi askan wi”, are numerous to decry the decision of the Constitutional Council. It is “a surprising, iniquitous decision, which today raises the ire of all Senegalese people because no one can understand that the Constitutional Council follows the Minister of the Interior who is a partisan minister, a minister of the camp of the President of the Republic Macky Sall, whose only purpose since then is to remove some leaders of the opposition”, criticizes Dethié Fall, in seventh position on the national list, excluded from the legislative elections, and representative of the coalition.
The ruling coalition did not win the case either. It asked for the confirmation of its list of substitutes, which was also rejected by the Minister of the Interior. “We must all accept the decision of the Constitutional Council and allow the Senegalese to go to the elections under the best conditions. It is a pity that the two largest coalitions are sanctioned, but that is also democracy,” said Benoit Sambou, who invited everyone to be reasonable.
Opposition leaders, who have not yet spoken out on this matter, are working together to determine what to do about this final decision of the Constitutional Council. That said, they had anticipated this by announcing a demonstration on Wednesday, June 8 in Dakar.

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