Equatorial Guinea: the 2022 Electoral Census delivered to the President of the Republic

The Head of State and Government, Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, has invited the recognized political parties to participate in the game of the political alternative in power, respecting peace, justice and democratic legality.
The presidents of the country’s constitutional bodies, members of the Government in office, as well as several presidential advisors, came to the People’s Palace in Malabo on Wednesday, 31 August, to experience first-hand the official institutional ceremony of handing over the final results of the Electoral Census to the Head of State and Government, Obiang Nguema Mbasogo.
In addition to the protocol introduction, the ceremony, which took place in the Ambassadors’ Hall, began with the reading of the report with the final results of the Electoral Census, carried out nationwide from 11 to 23 July last, presented by the Director General of Electoral Processes, José Mbo Eneme, who also highlighted the significant increase of 29%, compared to the census carried out in 2017, thanks to the campaign to raise awareness among the population.
This report shows the number of people registered in the Electoral Census in the 8 provinces as follows: Bioko North, 112,373; Bioko South, 6,713; Annobon, 1,377; Littoral, 111,681; South Central, 34,739; Wele Nzas, 88,447; Kie Ntem, 61,941 and Djibloho, 2,536. Adding the 7,854 from the registrations in Equatorial Guinea’s diplomatic missions and consular posts abroad, the total Electoral Census 2022 is 427,661.